Ok, so this one sort of took by surprise so I apologize if this review is a bit off.

I briefly scrubbed this through on Youtube before I got the album and what I heard sounded like some good, dissonant, slightly melodic black metal. Definitely worth further investigation. Today, it being a Friday and a shortened work day before a three day weekend, being in a particular bubbly mood I put this on and it was like the light was sucked out of the room. Not just the room, maybe the world. I wasn’t prepared for that.

This isn’t a bad thing, just kind of like when you take a drink of your soda and you think it’s pepsi for some reason even though you’ve been drinking mountain dew.

This is some dark, brooding, ethereal, head fucking black metal from Russia. Yes, those slightly melodic parts are there and taken out of context sound like something else but within the framework of this album, they become part of an unruly, destructive cosmic force that reminds you that you’re really meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Happy Friday, folks, Merknet cares not for your whimsy.

The album is a crusher to be sure. It’s so dismal I fucking love it but it’s got the black metal chops as well. Kind of similar in tone to Nightbringer, or other black metal bands that wallow is such disturbing soundscapes. Definitely worth a listen.