In the late 80′s and early 90′s death metal was dominating the metal underground. Mostly American and Swedish bands were making a mark but Austria wasn’t exactly known for their death metal contributions, which, if going just by Disastrous Murmur’s first release in 1992, is a damn shame.

To my ears, this sounds like it would fit right in with the classics of the time and I can’t understand why this album isn’t more highly regarded or even fucking talked about. Shit, I hadn’t even heard of it until my buddy Ben casually shared it with me and it blew my fucking socks off.

It’s got the crazy, crushing buzzsaw guitars, the weight, the riffs from hell, the crafty and clever song writing. It also maintains it’s own identity with those nasty drums and occasional synthesizer effects. This is a classic death metal album through and through. So much modern death metal wants to throw back to this era of death metal but I don’t hear anybody trying to sound like Disastrous Murmur. That’s probably a good thing but regardless, this album should be more widely acknowledged. It’s a fucking crusher.