More 80’s American power metal! The well is just never tapped on this front, and that’s fucking fine by me.

Here we have Attacker, another mid 80’s power metal band that kicks all sorts of ass. I’ve mentioned before that a lot of these earlier American power metal bands straddle the fence of thrash/speed/classic and power metal as the genre was still being defined. I think Attacker is firmly in the power metal camp, and I’ll tell you why: It’s the perfect blend of all those genres but with that orchestra level of sound to it. There’s no symphony or orchestra elements on the album but it’s veering into that grand scope territory that power metal does so well. It also just kicks fucking ass, as I may have mentioned already. Just riff on top of riff on top of fucking catchy riff, full on metal power, and fun to boot, which you’d expect from an album in the 80’s called Battle at Helm’s Deep. Yes, a Lord of the Rings theme and yes, it might be cheesy, but you wouldn’t think that to listen to the music. The band is clearly having fun and just not giving a fuck about the cheese factor at all, and I fucking love that. You can’t put on album by a band called Attacker, about Lord of the Rings, with a cover (at least my version) of Gandalf fighting the Balrog and complain that it’s cheesy. You know what you’re in for from the get go. Luckily, Attacker delivers and then some making a fucking excellent power metal album in the process.