And thus the last full week of August draws to a close. The coming season change will usher in some incredible new music and for me, locally, a ton of concerts. Summer was a blast but I’m very much looking forward to the fall and the weather here in Denver has been teasing us all week with rain, chills, and darkened skies. Good thing some music came out this week to compliment it.

There were some solid releases this week but mostly for me this has been a power metal week. Any week where we get some killer power metal is a week worth celebrating, especially given the lack of good power metal this year. Get on with it!

NEW STUFF: (Click the titles to hear this stuff, jerk)

Mist of Misery – Absence
I was initially drawn to this band due to the fucking incredible cover art, gave them a quick listen and was like “fuck this is pretty rad.” As I do, I did some research and found out the band shares members with fellow Swedish band Hyperion, who if you’ve been following my posts, know released a fucking devastating new album this year. While Mist of Misery are also very melodic they fall more to the symphonic/atmospheric black metal side of this, complete with misty environments, dark musings, and beautiful arrangements. The band perfectly compliments Hyperion’s blasting melodic blackened/death metal. Now they aren’t the same band and both have merit on their own but if you like one or the other, check them both out because they’re both incredible.

DGM – The Passage
I’m fucking aching for some new killer power metal as this year has been pretty dry on that front. DGM isn’t quite there but it’s a fairly fun jam. Sticking true to their symphonic, slightly progressive, cheeseball style I’d say this is on par with their last album. Solid, excessive power metal but not amazing.

Veldes – Embers Breather
Veldes always seems to quietly put out new stuff rather consistently and it’s all fairly good. Ethereal, atmospheric black metal with slight post touches here and there. Solid album all around.

SubRosa – For This We Fought the Battle of Ages
I dig SubRosa’s etherial, contemplative, atmospheric doom. Is this album a classic? No, but it’s good headphone listening and I’m sure it’ll get more spins this fall.

Vicious Rumors – Concussion Protocol
Fresh off of just discovering this bands earlier work, Vicious Rumors new album is some solid, rip roaring, power/speed metal with a bit of a bite and a thin lair of grime. Good speed, good riffs, good fun.

Frigoris – Nur ein Moment…
Nature oriented black metal which means atmospheric as fuck. I was rather impressed with their first release but I think this one tops it in every way. Nothing new as far as atmospheric black metal goes but well done and genuinely captivating.

Dark Forest – Beyond the Veil
Finally! This is what I was talking about with DGM. Power metal album of the year. For sure. Straight up killer, catchy songs, focussed mainly on just the core instruments. Fun as hell with a classic metal influence perfectly blending early 80’s american power metal with NWOBHM theatrics. Fucking love it.


Morbid Saint – Destruction System
Helstar – Nosferatu
Blood Incantation – Starspawn
Sodom – In the Sign of Evil
Sodom – Obsessed By Cruelty
High Spirits – When the Lights Go Down
Demolition Hammer – Tortured Existence
Thornbridge – What Will Prevail
Deceased – Luck of the Corpse
Tankard – Zombie Attack
Amebix – Sonic Mass
Celtix Frost – Monotheist
Triptykon – Melana Chasmata
Wolves in the Throne Room – Diadem of 12 Stars
Ripper – Experiment of Existence
Invocator – Excursion Demise

Until next time… Make mine metal.