I’ve been in a bit of a thrash mood the past couple weeks. I’ve been jamming some old classics, filling out some discographies here and there, and finding killer new, well, new to me, thrash classics. Take today’s featured band Invocator, shared with me by my buddy Ben who’s always on the mark with his recommendations.

Invocator thrash their way out of Denmark. Oh, and you thought Artillery was the only thrash band from Denmark? I kind of did too as Denmark is not exactly renowned for their thrash contributions, unless you count Lars Ulrich, which I don’t. Regardless, Invocator fucking rule at thrash.

While Artillery and Invocator both play (or played) a slightly technical form of thrash, Invocator decided to just up the fucking speed and ferocity. This album fucking speeds by with rapid riffing, frenzied drumming, and nasty, dirty vocals. There’s a definite death metal influence here, at least early death metal, from those hazy, thrash/speed/death days before the genre solidified itself. When the album slows down, which is only rarely for intros or bridges, the death metal influence is on full display. Not that Denmark has a specific thrash style all their own but a lot of this reminds me of the German thrash. Mostly in the vicious qualities.

Whatever caused it’s creation is fine with me as this is another tasty entry in the overlooked thrash genre.

Side Note: If you’re going to jam Invocator, you might as well jam some Artillery as well and cover all the Danish thrash. I suggest their album By Inheritance.