Demolition Hammer’s 1992 album Epidemic of Violence ranks as one of the best thrash metal albums ever to be produced, by anyone, ever. That’s not opinion, that’s just a fucking fact. Just listen to it, you can’t deny the sheer thrash ferocity of that album. It’s so fucking good I never bothered to check out the bands other albums because why bother? They’d already attained perfection with Epidemic. It seems the band is making a bit of a comeback, or at least playing some sporadic live shows and low and behold they’re be playing in my neighborhood (Denver) in December. I’m beyond fucking excited so I figured I might as well check out the rest of their albums.

Now I hear their third album is garbage groove metal so I’ll just skip that all together but surely the first album from 1990 will prove thrash-tastic.

Yeah… it fucking does.

In 1990 thrash was rounding the drain but you wouldn’t know that if you heard this. Just like Epidemic, Demolition Hammer go for the throat with their aggression. Some of the most violent and aggressive thrash out there straddling that line of thrash and death metal but still remaining firmly thrash. Believe it or not, this one is actually not as ferocious as Epidemic and that’s not a bad thing. This album still fucking rules but for my taste Epidemic has it beat, but nonetheless, this is also a thrash classic. I defy you to put this on and not have your brains blown out, or have your neck break from banging your head. It’s sheer fucking aggression piled on top of killer riff after killer riff. If I were in a thrash band I would be terrified of Demolition Hammer.