I stumbled on an article today about a new album from Vicious Rumors and I thought to myself, I do believe I have one of their first albums sitting in my “to listen to” power metal folder. And wouldn’t you know it, I sure did. It was actually their second album, Digital Dictator.

As I’ve mentioned before, power metal is one of my favorite genres of metal. While I do love the genre I think, in it’s current form, there’s not a lot of interesting new stuff coming out of it. Sure, we get one or two killer new power metal albums a year, maybe a couple more, but compared to black, death, doom, genres that are exploding with fascinating and creative new bands, power metal is falling behind. Which is why I’m so often delving into the past because there are a shit ton of overlooked power metal treasures, especially from the 80s.

Vicious Rumors is definitely along the 80′s power metal line. Straight forward, powerful, guitar and vocals focussed and catchy as fuck. Sounds like 80′s power metal to me. Vicious Rumors has a bit more snarl to their sound. A bit more attitude and from what I gather, get a little grimier as they progressed (eventually falling into a disregarded groove metal period only to make a comeback) and I think I may need to explore their catalog a bit more. They aren’t the most “powerful” of power metal, but they have some amazing moments and overall, the album is killer through and through. Some truly great fist pumping moments, which is always a sign of a good power metal album.

80′s power metal doesn’t fuck around and gives you exactly what you want, if what you want is killer metal.