I’m sure over the past year or two I’ve been doing these posts the word “fast, hateful, raw, furious, intense” have come up a million times. At fucking least. There’s only so many ways my limited vocabulary can talk about black metal, a genre that I love so dearly but always struggle to describe accurately.

Well, Haemoth, blasting out of France, is going to fall into those terms. Yes, it’s fucking furiously fast, insanely intense, raw, and fucking violent. I think most of the violence is due to the sharp, loud, production, which just forces this album right into your fucking face, or ears, as it were. The French have a knack for this kind of raw, intense black metal. It’s not as unpalatable as some of the countries earlier entries into the genre as it still maintains structure but it’s rawer nonetheless.

Like I said, this album is violence through and through. Nasty, grim black metal for just when you need it. You know you’re in for some intensity with a title like Vice, Suffering and Destruction so if that sounds like something you need in your life, put this one on. If you don’t want intense and violent music, what the fuck are you doing with your life?