Going through my pile of un-listened to music I stumbled on this Zyklon release and can’t recall where it came from or why I have it. I don’t remember if it came from my buddy who shares excellent music with me constantly, or if I stumbled on it on my own. Then I thought it was a mislabeled file for Zyklon-B, the extremely short lived but incredible project from Ihsahn and Samoth of Emperor, as well as Frost and Draug Aldrahn, a band I’ve covered on here already. Low and behold it’s not the same band BUT it is another project from Samoth (going as Zamoth for this band) as well as a bunch of other members from Emperor, Enslaved, and Satyricon, among others.

And what kind of black metal are these black metal stalwarts making with Zyklon B? None at all. Well, at least not any on their sophomore album Aeon. Instead, Samoth and gang are taking on a more modern death metal style reminiscent of Domination era Morbid Angel. The Morbid Angel influence punches you right in the face it’s so glaringly obvious but the band does it well. Not great. Not spectacular, just ok.

That sort of sums up the album for me. It’s pretty ok. Maybe a little better than standard modern-ish death metal, but subpar for all the musicians involved. There’s some great moments spattered here and there, some killer riffs and some crushing guitars but overall, yeah, just ok. Nothing wrong with that but this isn’t an essential, unless your an Emperor side-project completist, which I’m not.