Oh yes. Obscure 80′s, one album only, American power/speed metal. The sweetest fruit.

As mentioned, Tension existed for one sweet album in 1986, during that sweet, wild west time of American power metal where the scene and style was open for exploration. On Breaking Point, Tension is mixing classic metal, speed, some thrash, and some NWOBHM to create their power metal sound. It’s a little Maiden in spots, especially some of the riffs and how they play with the vocals but for the most part, Tension have crafted a killer style that is all their own.

They do have their speedier, more aggressive moments, like the fucking fist pumper “Reach for the Sword” but most of the album is made in catchy as fuck riffs and stellar vocals.

It definitely sounds 80′s and that’s part of the charm of this album. Well, that and it’s fucking killer for any decade. Yet another buried treasure in the 80′s American power metal landscape.