Today we’re off to Finland (sweet) to delve into some Desecresy, a band whom I enjoy but somehow completely missed this release last year. Maybe it was the new logo, the weird Matrix looking cover, or who the fuck knows, but I missed it and thanks to my buddy for sending it over.

So Desecresy formed out of the ashes of Slugathor, a band I’ve been meaning to go back and check out. Desecresy seem to be constantly trailed with comparisons to Slugathor, but since I can’t comment on that I’ll tell you that to my ears, Desecresy sounds like a grooved down, chugging, lumbering, slightly melodic, Bolt Thrower-ish, nasty death metal band. If that’s what Slugathor sounds like than I’ll need to get on that for sure.

This album finds the band getting even rawer, if that’s possible, and nastier. There’s a dank, swamp-like vibe to this album. It almost wreaks of nastiness. It also sounds less refined than previous albums. The songs sound more urgent and chaotic. More off the cuff. It’s sort of scary as it could all come crumbling down at any moment but they keep it on course. That’s refreshing, and another band that I’ve reviewed this week that has that quality. Maybe I’m in a mood. All I know is this album is fucking crushing and you should listen to it.