I’ve been in a shitty, pissed off, angry mood the past couple days and today I really wanted to hear something that would mirror my current state of being. Going through my collection of albums I’ve yet to explore, Blasphemophagher jumped out at me. The cover looked hateful and full of violence and I reckoned this will suit me this afternoon.

I wasn’t wrong. Sickeningly furious melding of black metal and death metal with songs about hatred, death and destruction played at a machine gun blast of intensity. I’ve seen stuff comparing this band to the mid 80′s bands like Blasphemy and Sarcofago. Bands that paved the way for the “war” metal genre and while I can hear that influence, I think Blasphemophagher stop just a hair shy of the war metal tag. There’s still some sense of melody and progression here. They are extremely intense and hover around the typical war metal tropes but for me it doesn’t quite land there. What the fuck ever genre tag you want to apply to this is fine, I only do so to give you an idea of the music contained therein, but it’s a fucking rager. Good if you’re in a pissed off mood, generally hating humanity, or just want to hear some killer metal.