We’re touching on a genre that doesn’t come up very often on this blog: Sludge. There’s been rise of sludge worship over the past couple years and sludge has gained this sort of reverence. It’s not really a genre I get into all that much aside from some of the mainstays but my buddy assured me Big Business was worth hearing.

And he was right.

As I’m not super into the genre and all the intricacies of it, I’ll say that Big Business stand out to me based solely on how hard these guys are fucking rocking. Oh and that sweet, insanely fuzzed out guitar sound. So fucking crunchy and dirty. The only real comparison I can make is to Eyehategod, but only in that sort of erratic, chaotic sense. The album has a feeling that this might just be the first time they tried to record these songs. It’s the spontaneity and chaotic feeling that gets me. A lot of sludge, to me, seems so methodical, it’s rare I feel this sort of excitement about the music.

Some of the band members have played with the Melvins and that seems like a good fit to me, though the Melvins have had a million members. It has a sort of Melvins quality to it, but stands on it’s own two feet.

Again, not usually my thing, but these guys fucking kill it.