That’s right kiddies, we’re heading back to Sweden, again. I don’t need to keep justifying the amount of Swedish metal on here. Swedish metal fucking rules and that’s all there is to it.

Which brings us to Carnage, the short lived Swedish death metal band that helped pioneer the Swedish death metal sound and has had band members that were in or have gone on to be in other illustrious Swedish bands like Entombed, Dissection, Dismember, Candlemass, Arch Enemy, Hypnosia, and Therion, not to mention future Carcass guitarist Michael Amott. They were the third band behind Tiamat and Entombed to record a death metal album at the famous Sunlight Studios in Stockholm, so yeah, their pedigree is topnotch.

And the music is fucking topnotch. This is classic Swedish death metal, and some of the finest around. All the trademarks are there: the buzzing chainsaw guitars, the melody, the crushing vocals, the Dan Seagrave cover, Sunlight Studios… it’s all perfect. To new ears, this may sound like a million other bands nowadays but this was one of the first bands to pioneer this sound.

They released this one and only album the same year as Entombed’s Left Hand Path which has gone on to rightfully be a classic. Carnage’s notoriety seems to be from the members going on to make classic albums with other Swedish (and not Swedish) metal bands but Dark Recollections deserves the praise as well. If you’re looking for a prime example of that early Swedish death metal charm, this one won’t steer you wrong.