I’m always excited when I get to add a band to my list from a country that isn’t already represented. In this case, that’s Bulgaria. I can’t recall off the top of my head any other Bulgarian black metal bands I’m aware of so we’ll call Darkflight the first, and damn, is it one killer first.

Mixing dark dismal doom with synthesizer atmospherics and what can only be described as “medieval” symphonic black metal, Darkflight hit that style of gothic horror, fog drenched, crumbling gravestone, Hammer Horror vibe of black metal I love so fucking much. Think old Marduk, or Darkenhold for a more recent band playing with that imagery. Darkflight leans more on the doom elements on this album, getting a nice, crunchy, dreary guitar tone out of it that makes the weight of the songs fucking crushingly heavy. So much atmosphere oozing out of this one.

I can see this becoming a perennial favorite for the Halloween time of year. This albums begs to put on during a crisp autumn night. Or better yet, in a castle under the full moon while the wolves howl. Fucking awesome.