Satanic Warmaster is a band that seems to get all the black metal nerds riled up with excitement and to be honest, I’m not really a big fan (for reasons best left untouched here). I’ve listened to some of the bands music and it never really grabbed me. Not that it was bad, just never sank in, but I’m always seeing people just going off about the greatness of this band so I was naturally curious. My buddy Ben, whose taste I trust implicitly assured me their 2014 album, Fimbulwinter is a scorcher. So here we are…

Like I said, Satanic Warmaster’s discography is held in high regards, and the band has released a shit ton of material in it’s 16 years of existence. How this stacks up with that, I can’t really say but, this album is in fact a fucking scorcher. Sticking true to that oh so sweet Finnish, nasty sound, Satanic Warmaster blazes through an hour of overtly intense, catchy, melodic, and furious black metal. When I talk about the unique sound that Finnish black metal has produced, this would be a shining example of the nastiness. Sheer dark fury. It does pause here in there for some more melodic and softer interludes which fill in the time nicely and give for some interesting juxtaposition amongst all the intense, fuzzed out, riffing.

This album is a good one. I’m not sure I’ll continue with Satanic Warmaster for personal reasons (and a daunting back catalog) but if you’re looking for some expertly crafted Finnish black metal, this one would do you well.