One of the many nerdy things I do related to metal is keep a list of all the countries bands are from that I like. I don’t know why, I just like to know where bands come from. Maybe because there’s region specific sounds, countries more known for different styles of metal than others, etc. The countries with the most bands I like are the USA and Sweden but not to far behind them is Germany. I was actually a little surprised to see I liked so many bands from Germany, but aside from the German Tuetonic thrash bands, there are a lot of black metal bands on the list. I think what’s so surprising is when there’s discussion about regional areas of black metal, Germany isn’t one that springs to mind, and honestly, I think that’s a damn shame.

Anael may not be the most German sounding black metal band but I think they incorporate a lot of the German black metal tendencies. First and foremost, the almost relentless mid-paced, plodding, speed of the music. It’s a deliberate pacing and sounds so fucking evil.

Second, there’s the atmospherics, something that is, in my mind, heavily associated with Germany. While it is atmospheric, this is where I think the bands influences shine through, mostly being Samael, later era Celtic Frost, and Hellenic scene bands like Varathron. Bands that have a sinister, archaic, ancient evil sound to them. It’s a good mix of styles and sounds and gives Anael a voice all their own, not just aping their influences but using them to the bands advantage.

Yeah, German fucking black metal. Get on that shit.