Strap yourselves in, this is going to get a little fucking nerdy.

The works of Tolkien have influenced metal for decades now and there is no shortage of Tolkien inspired, themed, tribute, dress up, what have you bands out there. It’s hard to say if Tolkien or Lovecraft is more represented in metal but I assure you, whatever style of metal you like, there’s a Tolkien inspired band in that genre.

Battle Dagorath takes their name from the Dagor Dagorath, which is Sindarin (an Elvish language) for “Battle of Battles”, a battle that will bring the end of the world. Now I’m not that much of an expert on all the back stories of Middle Earth and I would be hard pressed to tell you if this album is entirely themed about Middle Earth, but I can tell you it is unrelentingly bleak and frigid as fuck. The band itself is made up of three musicians from across the world but you’d never be able to tell from hearing the album. It’s entirely cohesive and well paced, and like I said, freezing fucking black metal.

I like to believe that the Middle Earth worship goes through the music  as it gives you the feeling of being trapped on a windswept, snow covered mountain, or being plunged into eternal darkness, surrounded by the hordes of evil, and I fucking dig that. Especially when the music is so on point, and Battle Dagorath is.

Assuredly, if you’re in to this sort of thing, you’ve heard music similar to Battle Dagorath but that doesn’t detract from the overall quality and emersion of this album. Get fucking lost in it.