Ah, sweet obscure 80′s heavy metal bands. How I love you. However, if you’re a guitar nerd, you may know the name Floyd Rose. I don’t know much about the technical side of guitars but Floyd invented the locking tremolo for guitars. Apparently it was a breakthrough for guitars and is used now by every guitar maker ever. Well, Q5 is the band he started with members of TKO.

Q5 can simply be labeled as a heavy hard rock band. Not as light and straightforward as say an AC/DC or comparable hard rock from that time, but much in that vein. Q5 has a bit more bite to them but you can tell from the 80′s-tastic songs like “Pull the Trigger”,”Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady”, and “Teenage Runaway” the band was definitely looking for a radio break through. Hell, there’s even the required 80′s hard rock ballad on here. But don’t let that fool you, this is a monster of a hard rock album. The guitar playing alone is worth listening to this, but what would expect from somebody who revolutionized the guitar. Even with that technical mastery the guitar playing isn’t overly technical or flashy, it’s catchy as fuck.

There’s so many quality 80′s metal and hard rock bands and I’m always finding gems from this period. Q5 is another example of that. Solid as fuck heavy hard rock. Bang those heads.