The Netherlands is a country I visit often on this blog. I’m hard pressed at the moment to come up with any other black metal bands from the country, other than say Countess or Carach Angren. Well now I can add Unlord to the “killer fucking black metal from the Netherlands” list that I know you’re all to anxious to fill.

Unlord are as straightforward as black metal comes. No fucking around with this band. They just get right to the point and the point is fucking searingly fast riffing, drums and quick, insane solos. The songs are short and to the point with the longest song clocking in at just over four minutes, short by black metal standards, but most are around two minutes. It gives the album an almost punk like quality, at least in attitude.

The lead singer and guitarist Marco “Thorgrim” Westenbrink delivers his shrieks mostly at full velocity but there are a couple moments where he slows it down to an eerie, growl like style. He has a couple “Abbath” moments in there as well, which is suiting because the ferocity and stripped down approach reminds me of early Immortal.

Black metal with no frills. Just fucking awesomeness.