I dare you to try and pronounce this bands name. I bet it’s something really simple if you speak German. I do not but that in no way precludes me from enjoy the fuck out of this album.

Grabnebelfursten was shared with me the other day by my buddy when I told him I was in a pissed off mood, and man oh man does this album surely sound pissed off. The album is full of rip roaring black metal layered under the insane vocal performance by SeelenSchlachten who goes from guttural death growls to black metal shrieks on a dime, then into this bizarre, fluctuating, warbling, chanting kind of clean singing style. It’s all over the place, but never in a way that is detrimental to the album. It just feeds the frenzy.

What really struck me about this album was how melodic and catchy it is. Most German black metal bands have a very rigid, or precise, almost mechanical sound to them. Grabnebelfursten are just fucking crazy with the riffing and the song progressions. If it wasn’t for the insane rantings of the lead singer in loud German, I would almost have confused this for Swedish.

But that fury. Oh the fury of this album. It’s un-fucking-relenting but oh so creative at the same time. Could be because I just spent a lot of time listening to Nagelfar but there’s some of that insane quality present as well. Regardless, this album fucking slays and you would do yourself a service to hear it.