This week saw some fucking killer releases but for most of the week I just wanted to listen to old stuff and classics. I dug through bands catalogs where I was missing some albums, tried a bunch of old stuff, and basically just got lost in metal’s glory all week. Which, really, isn’t that different than any other week, but I needed the complete and utter saturation of metal to block out all the Pokemon and political nonsense that’s just so, fucking, overwhelming. It worked, for the most part, but there was some great new stuff worth listening to this week. And here it fucking is.

NEW STUFF: (Click the titles, you heathens.)

Blood Incantation – Starspawn
This is one I was kind of anticipating after being a late comer to their 2015 EP (with amazing cover art). Blood Incantation’s sci-fi bent tech death metal is on full display here and is equally impressive, if not more so than their EP. Maybe not as grim as the EP, more focussed on killer, catchy riffs but with all the dissonance. I keep saying tech death metal isn’t my thing and I keep finding killer examples of the genre that defy my expectations. This is one such album and from my own backyard of Denver. Crushing album.

Numenorean – Home
Canadian post/atmospheric black metal. I’m a sucker for this kind of black metal and while this is nothing ground breaking it’s still fucking awesome. Another example of that ethereal “beautiful” black metal sound that just gets in me. Really fucking loved this one.

Thor – I am Thor – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
I’ve been away of John Mikl Thor mostly through his glorious cheesy 80’s movies and was aware of the band Thor but never actually listened to the music until this weekend when I sat down to watch the amazing I am Thor documentary. How can you not root for this man as the perpetual underdog? The music is gloriously cheeseball in all the best ways, falling somewhere between NWOBHM and early Manowar (as if you need any more cheese) and could be construed as early power metal, and you know I’m a sucker for that early power metal. Hail John Mikle Thor. Keep fighting the good fight in the name of muscle rock!

Castle – Welcome to the Graveyard
Castle does some straight ahead, classic styled heavy metal with some doom elements thrown in for that extra edge. Nothing original by far but the riffs, songwriting, and Elizabeth Blackwell’s vocals are all top notch. Just some solid, head banging metal with a bit of gloom to lift your spirits.

Blood Red Throne – Union of Flesh and Machine
Blood Red Throne is the epitome of an ok death metal band. I feel like they’re on the cusp of making something really memorable but they typically just make albums that are, well, ok. Solid meat and potatoes death metal. There’s a pretty cool cover of Judas Priest’s “Leather Rebel” on here, though.

Grafir – Úr ofboði óværunnar
Icelandic black metal punk from some of the guys in Carpe Noctem, Misþyrming, Naðra, Dysthymia, proving once again how incestuous , and awesome, the Icelandic metal scene is. More on the punk side of things. Reminds me of Killing Joke if they threw some black metal sensibilities on top of it.

Baptism – V: The Devil’s Fire
A welcome return to form for this Finish, one-man black metal band. The production is back on par as well as some of the harshness and bleakness. It doesn’t trump Grim Arts of Melencholy but it has that same feel. Fucking dig it.

Caina – Christ Clad in White Phosphorus
Caina’s last album showed up at the onset of 2015 and filled the void left by the pre-holiday lull in new releases and fucking killed it. I was, to say the least, a big fan of it. This new one… not so much. It’s okay, but they crammed so much awesome into 32 minutes on the previous that this one, clocking in at nearly an hour, loses much of it’s momentum. I understand Caina is a band that is either constantly experimenting or trying to find it’s identity but this one is all over the place and could have benefited from some editing.

ColdWorld – Autumn
Depressive black metal seems to generally looked down on for some reason. Maybe because there is such an abundance of it but when it’s good, it’s damn good and I love me some good depressive black metal. ColdWorld is doing a good job of filling the void that Germ left in my depressive black metal heart. While not as good as those first two Germ releases, ColdWorld does have all the trappings of a depressive black metal band: the highly, serene, atmospherics that transcend into the realm of beauty, the pained, shrill vocals, and the furious tremolo guitars. There’s some chanting and other effects on here that compliment the music as well. Depressive black metal is a well honed genre but I don’t usually ask much of it and ColdWorld hits all the notes I like. Think I like the new Numenorean better.


Krisiun – Apocalyptic Revelation
Luna Aurora – Andacht
Hinsidig – Bak og forbi…
Repugnant – Epitome of Darkness
Krisiun – Black Force Domain
Void Omnia – Dying Light
Stilla – Ensamhetens Andar
Purgatory – Tied to the Trax
Satan’s Host – Metal From Hell
Satan’s Host – Metal Wind EP
The Ruins of Beverast – Unlock the Shrine
Manilla Road – The Deluge
Cryptopsy – None So Vile
Witherscape – The New Tomorrow
Algaion – Oimai Algeiou
Witherscape – The Inheritance
Jag Panzer – The Fourth Judgement
Darkthrone – F.O.A.D.
Nokturnal Mortum – Golos Stali

Until Next Time…