More Swedish thrash! Yup, that’s right, I know you can’t get enough. To be fair, this Repugnant album is more death metal, but it’s clearly in the style of old school death metal where the line was blurred between thrash and death metal, or those days before there was an actual name for death metal. But this is Swedish so there’s that unrelenting sense of melody and furious buzzsaw riffs. Furious perfectly describes this album. It’s a fucking explosion right out the gate and never relents. I know I’ve bemoaned a lot of these throwback bands but sometimes a band uses that as a stepping stone or just infuses it with their own sound. While this isn’t exactly new territory here, the band sounds traditional yet different enough to stand out and I’m certain had this come out in the early 90′s, it would be held in classic regard nowadays with the rest of the Swedish metal pioneers of that era. If you like that Swedish death metal sound, put this in your fucking ears.