I still love the zombie genre of horror despite how ubiquitous it’s become, but zombies were one of my first true horror loves so they’ve always been cool to me. Despite that statement and despite the overwhelming amount of zombie fiction in this world, it’s hard to do something truly unique with the genre. Romero tapped that well 40+ years ago, not to say that there hasn’t been awesome examples since, it’s just a hard genre to do anything different with. That’s why Deceased’s Fearless Undead Machines is such a treasure to me.

It’s of course heavily steeped in Romero’s zombie ideas and on the surface it seems like another zombies run amok, end of the world story but, just like Romero’s films, the more you look, the more that’s there. Deceased bring to life musically an allegorical tale about man bringing about their own demise, playing god, the very existence of god and the point of our lives. All told through some of the most incredibly crafted death/thrash/speed around, typical for Deceased. AND they did this all in 1997. Well before The Walking Dead (which also owes a huge debt to Romero) was dominating TV ratings, and before 28 Days Later rekindled the zombie fire in popular media, but history is fickle and and memories are short and people only want what’s new and exciting but I implore you to check this album out. EVEN IF you don’t like zombie stories, the metal on this album alone is worth it. The story holds up and should easily be considered one of the best zombie stories along with the original Romero trilogy, Return of the Living Dead and Zombie. Yes, it’s that fucking good.

On a side note, this review was spurned because I recently got the new reissued/remastered release of this album on CD. I’m so fucking happy to have a version of this that doesn’t sound like shit. It only amplifies the already existing magic of this album.