The past couple of weeks have been a torrential downpour of metal, so crushingly awesome I often wonder why anybody should give a shit about anything that’s not metal.

Half way through this year of metal and stacking it up against last year, which was insanely amazing, I’m floored by the amount of unique and highly creative music that’s been released. If this year in metal goes down as anything, it’ll be the year of amazing new discoveries, bands taking chances, pushing the envelope, and broadening the metal scope even further. I’m constantly amazed and inspired by this genre and I just hope some of that infection is contagious and you all get sick to fucking death with metal. Here’s the new stuff from this week.

NEW STUFF: (Links in title, like always)

Dyscordia – Words in Ruin
Some rather infectious progressive/power metal with more emphasis on the power and heavy rock side of things. A little heavier on occasion with the death growls. Solid fun.

Dynazty – Titanic Mass
Swedish, keyboard infused, catchy as fuck power/hard rock. Meat and potatoes sort of stuff that hits all the right chords.

Thrawsunblat – Metachthonia
Thrawsublat back doing what they do best: Hyper melodic, folk-infused, atmospheric black metal. Killer band, killer fucking release.

Eternity’s End – The Fire Within
Progressive/symphonic power metal with a harder, nastier edge. Proves that all power metal doesn’t have to be so light hearted and airy. The singer reminds me slightly of Wuthering Heights singer. Seems a bunch of ex Obscura members are in this band as well. Awesome power metal debut.

Harakiri for the Sky – III: Trauma
Beautiful, post heavy, atmospheric black metal. Stupid band name but don’t let that fool you, this one is a solid album.

Bat – Wings of Chain
Fucking Speed Metal from members of Municipal Waste and DRI. Not a big Waste fan but this is some straight up, nasty, 80’s infused, punked up speed metal, straight to the fucking face.

Denner / Shermann – Masters of Evil
Hot off their fucking killer 2015 EP, the original Mercyful Fate guitar duo are back with their first full-length and it’s everything the EP promised and more. You’d be hard pressed to find a better, classic metal album out right now. There’s some Mercyful Fate-ism of course, and their singer is no King but it’s a different band, for the most part. Still satanic, still righteous and still fucking killer.

Elm Street – Knock ‘Em Out – With a Metal Fist
This band grabbed my attention based solely on their album title and their killer album artwork. The band name is garbage but the rest is awesome metal fun. A thrashier version of classic heavy metal with dirty vocals and melodic as fuck, catchy riffing. Reminds me of Holy Grail or Hatchet, sort of in that hybrid vein of classic metal tropes, only more aggressive and insanely more catchy. Good fucking fun here.

Vex – Sky Exile
I remember being somewhat taken with Vex’s previous album but now can’t really recall what it sounded like. This new one, however, is fucking killer. Metal Archives has them listed as a death/thrash band but that label is a bit misguided. There are certainly death metal elements, especially more melodic, classic Swedish style, but wrap all that up in a 70’s progressive, atmospheric, technical shell and you’ll start to scratch the surface of this new album. It’s beautiful through and through with borderline Virus/Ved Buens End avant-garde metal stylings, air open, crushing chords and did I mention the atmospherics. Atmospheric as fuck. Killer album from a band I had no real expectations from.


Bal-Sagoth – A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
Candlemass – Death Thy Lover
Mutant – The Aeonic Majesty
Wolves in the Throne Room – Diadem of 12 Stars
Wayfarer – Old Souls
Mekong Delta – Lurking Fear
Satan’s Host – By the Hand of the Devil
Sojourner – Empires of Ash
Omen – Warning of Danger
Dismember – Indecent & Obscene
Forteresse – thems pour la rebellion

Until Next Time…