I know I’ve posted about Bal-Sagoth before, clamming on about how awesome I think they are, but I don’t think it was in the form of this blog. That’s a shame because this band is definitely one that deserves more recognition and respect.

So, Cacophonous is re-releasing Bal-Sagoth albums on cd (possibly vinyl) with remastered sound, new artwork, and new liner notes. It’s unclear if they’ll re-release their entire discography but they have already released the first two albums with an announcement for the third coming soon. I immediately bought the first two and I’m hoping they do manage to get to all the bands albums because they are hard as fuck to track down in physical format and even harder to track down decent sounding digital versions.

For those that don’t know, Bal-Sagoth is a symphonic black metal band from England that revels in the the high fantasy storytelling department, developing entire worlds and story arcs within those worlds. Their career can be split into to sections, the first trilogy and the second. Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria is the first album of the first trilogy.

This album finds the band at their rawest, most primal. They haven’t quite reached the epic and broad fantastical elements that I think the band is known for but they are definitely on that path here. The album has more of a death metal feel with more bludgeoning riffs and hammering songs filled in with the atmospheric elements. The vocalist goes from deep, deep, guttural vocals to the clean spoken parts of the narrative, something that Bal-Sagoth will continue for the rest of their career. It’s still a killer fucking album and is a stepping stone into a much larger world that they’ll explore on their follow up album, which I’ll also be reviewing for you.

Hail fucking Bal- Sagoth!