Last week I spent sitting on a beach in Mexico so I wasn’t keeping up on new releases. Now that I’m back to gross, non-beach life I’ve been catching up with last weeks releases and this weeks, which has been a herculean task. All I’ve managed to listen to are new albums this week. There were some highly anticipated albums for me, some new stuff and some surprises so let’s get right down to it.

NEW STUFF: (Links in titles)

Forteresse – themes pour la rebellion
Forteresse always impress and reclaim their position as the most engaging and awe-inspiring Quebec atmospheric black metal band. This new one is more furious, less atmospheric but they blend both styles to make something completely their own. Killer fucking album from a killer band.

Nails – You Will Never Be One of Us
Big fan of Nails and their hardcore, death metal, d-beat, whatever, face pummeling assault. If you’re into Nails, you know what to expect from this album, and it’s a fucking crusher. 22 minutes of sheer intensity.

Ghoulgotha – To Starve the Cross
Ghoulgotha fucking crush it with their dreary, doom ladened, death metal assault. It’s equal parts doom and death never veering too far into either genre. An exceptional follow up from a band that’s rapidly climbing my favorites list.

Vale of Pnath – II
Denver tech death for the win. I keep saying I’m not a huge tech death fan but I keep stumbling on to records that are kicking my ass. This is a good example of keeping things technical but not showy. The band is also highly melodic which appeals to me more than just crushing tech riffs. Solid output here.

Jute Gyte – Perdurance
Jute Gyte always impresses and whenever he drops something new I’m going to check it out. His bizarre, experimental, ambient infused, whacky timing black metal probably isn’t for casual listening and I’m fairly certain I don’t have the linguistic capabilities to adequately describe all that’s happening with his music but suffice to say, it’s creative, interesting and crushing all at once.

Grave Desecrator – Dust to Lust
Brazilian blackened death metal with more emphasis on the death. About what you’d expect from a band like this. Not terrible but fairly average.

Vukari – Divination
This band always quietly releases new material and it’s always a pleasant surprise when I see new material from them. Atmospheric, uplifting, transcendent black metal from this Chicago band. Nothing ground breaking but well thought out and composed metal that hits the spot every time.

Sojourner – Empire of Ash
Harkening back to the early days of Summonings epic black metal, Sojourner add a modern sensibility, up the beauty and add a fucking flute to make a stellar album. Absolutely beautiful.

Wayfarer – Old Souls
Denver atmospheric black metal that I’ve been enamored with since their debut in 2014. This new album finds the band doing what they do best, which is atmospheric, emotional black metal, adding in some technicality and some more furious elements. I’m not sure if it’s a step up from their last one but it’s equally as impressive.

Blut Aus Nord / Aevangelist – Codex Obscura Nomina
Anything new from Blut Aus Nord is usually a cause for celebration. Aevangelist are a band that while I check out everything they do, I’m not a crazy huge fan of, but I think the pairing of these two bands for a split is a cool idea, especially considering how bizarre and dissonant they both are and can be. This is Blut Aus Nord back to their more avant-garde, eclectic, droning, ambient style that was featured on their 777 trilogy as opposed to their last full length release. It’s good because they’re always good but it’s nothing really that new for the band. Aevangelist continue their droning, technical, eerie blackened death metal sound as well but add some melodic and more rhythmic elements than they typically do. They are brief but I feel like the band took a step up writing wise. Overall, a nice split from from two complimentary bands.

Nevoa – Re Un
Highly atmospheric and dissonant sounding black metal. More reliance on the soundscapes and atmospherics than instrumentation. No real riffing to speak of, more of a wall of sound.

The Morningside – Yellow
I’d written this band off after their disastrous previous album and wasn’t much interested in this new release when I saw it come by but my buddy suggested I check it out, claiming it wasn’t like the last one. He was right. This is a return to form for the band and back to their super sweet, emotional, melodic, dark metal/death metal style. Terrible album cover though.

Until Next Time…