It’s now June and I’m officially calling it Summer. To celebrate I’m to Mexico to sit on a beach and drink for a week so there won’t be an update next week. Good thing this week fucking exploded all over the place with awesome new metal. Look, here it comes now.

NEW STUFF: (Links in titles)

Master’s Hammer – Formulae
It’s Master’s Hammer in all their weird, Czech, black metal, avant-garde glory. If you like Master’s then this is right up your alley. They’re always consistent, always killer, and always, Master’s Hammer.

Drudkh/Hades Almighty – One Who Talks with the Fog/Pyre Era, Black!
Drudkh has been killing it the past couple of releases so even if they’re just putting out two new songs on a split, I’ve got to fucking hear it. And of course, they steal the show here. Hades Almighty’s songs are solid and would probably shine a bit more on their own or on another split but Drudkh, come on. Good split all around but man, those Drudkh songs.

Sapaudia – Sainte nuit
Intense, progressive, depressive black metal with a crazy vocalist. So much vitriol and nastiness to his voice. Solid effort all around but nothing classic here.

Gevurah – Hallelujah!
Some intense and dark Canadian black metal. Lots of evil atmosphere and desolate noises. Decent album.

Sanctuaire – Le Sang sur l’Acier EP
Another Quebec-ian (?) black metal band. More straight forward atmospheric/ambient black metal than Gevurah, but more in line with the other Quebec atmospheric black metal bands, which I fucking love. Solid EP.

Virus – Memento Collider
The term “avant-garde” metal was coined for bands like this, but what do you expect from members of the insanely amazing Ved Buens Ende? If that sentence makes no sense to you I suggest looking Ved up and prepare yourself for amazement. Virus is made up of members from other Norwegian classic bands and veers more towards the progressive, guitar driven, rock side of things, as opposed to metal. Nonetheless, it’s a heavy head-trip of musical prowess and creativity. This band is fucking incredible.

Wendess – MMXXIII
Man, what’s up with Canada this week? Another killer atmospheric black metal band from Quebec. Wendess mix a perfect balance of acoustic and metal guitars to create a sinister and depressive style of black metal. Like a nasty Agalloch. Good stuff here.

Nervosa – Agony
A straight forward thrash attack that veers close to old school death metal. Vocalist and bass player Fernanda Lira has a killer voice and does straddle that older death metal style with her lower register but keeps it mostly thrash. Oh, did I mention this is a fucking riff machine. Some lower breakdown sort of stuff that I’m not that into but overall, fuck yeah. I do think I’m more partial to that Mortillery album from last week though.

Candlemass – Death Thy Lover EP
Candlemass is back with a new EP and another new singer. If you know Candlemass, especially their later stuff, you know what you’re in for, which is killer traditional doom metal. Probably not essential but good for any Candlemass fans.

Paradox – Pangea
Some by the book power/thrash metal. Nothing spectacular here but some good fun. They’re previous album was a bit better, catchier and more power metal-ish.

Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign
I’m not the biggest Dark Funeral fan but I was hearing and reading that the new album was pretty decent, and it is. Pretty straight forward, evil, fun black metal.


Destruction – Eternal Devastation
Grimoire – L’aorasie des spectres reveurs
Discharge – End of Days
Tankard – The Morning After
Sol Sistere – Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum
Inquisition – Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult
Aeternus – …and So the Night Became
Draugnim – Vulturine
Vallendusk – Homeward Path

Until Next Time…