Aeternus’ first album Beyond the Wandering is a fucking classic of later 90′s black metal, there’s no two ways about it. It’s so fucking good that it’s the only Aeternus album I ever bothered to listen to, expecting no other album to be as good. What a stupid fucking mistake that was. Their follow up, …and So the Night Became is simply a masterpiece. It may have topped Beyond for me, and only after one listen.

The major difference that I noticed between Beyond and Became is on the latter Aeternus has slowed things down a bit and given the songs more room to breath, craft amazing environments and mood, but still retain that killer black metal feel. Songs like “Warrior of the Crescent Moon” are fucking epic as hell, taking a plodding, militaristic march through a dark and dreary world before kicking in with some blast beats and an oh so amazing melodic guitar lead. And the whole album is full of these sorts of highly engaging and masterfully written parts. It’s just a fucking masterpiece.

Aeternus have two classics on their hands here and I’m kicking myself for not listening to this one sooner.