I’ve been in a thrash mood so let’s continue with the Teutonic metal, shall we?

After my last post about Destruction, my buddy suggested Tankard’s The Morning After to me. I was only partially familiar with Tankard and you know I loves me some German thrash so this was a no brainer.

What immediately struck me about Tankard, aside from the insane musical prowess, was how much more tongue in cheek and well, good times oriented the band is in comparison to their fellow contemporary German thrash bands. Kreator, Sodom, and Destruction are all very hate-filled, violent, destructive, end of the world type bands and then in the mix is Tankard, whose name alone signifies a partying attitude, more along the good times hijinks attitude of the Bay Area thrasher.

The music itself however, is sheer thrash velocity at it’s finest. There is some levity to the music and the riffs but for the most part it’s a face melter in true German thrash fashion. A lot of punk influence on this one. The song “Try Again” instantly springs to mind with an almost Descendents type pop punk vibe but with nasty German thrash vocals. It definitely stands out from the rest of the album but somehow feels right at home, then it’s right back into the fucking riffs.

Discover a different side of the German thrash attack and put some fucking Tankard on. You’ll be grateful you did.