Of the early German Teutonic bands, Kreator was the first I heard and the first I became obsessed with. It took me a while to go back and look in to the other killer bands from this early to mid 80′s era of thrash. Of those bands I feel Destruction is one I neglect more and that’s a fucking crying shame.

These early days of German thrash were so unique. The bands were so angry, so eager, and so furious. Destruction is a prime example of this. This is thrash at it’s rawest, most straightforward, and probably at its purest. I might even make the argument that is is more on the speed metal side of the fence. Regardless, this is just go for the throat, hate filled, aggression designed to beat the fucking shit right out of you. It’s so fucking good.

There’s something amazing about this time period in Germany and Destruction are a part of that legacy, No matter where these bands are now and how they’ve changed over the years, these early releases are on fucking point.