We’re almost done with May and heading in to the summer months we’re going to start seeing the “best of so far” lists popping up, and of course, I’ll have mine as well. We’ll be reacquainted with albums from the beginning of the year, find somethings we missed and prepare for what’s still to come in the year. I’m working on mine as we speak and this week dropped a couple that’ll most likely end up on said list. Take a look.

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Sol Sistere – Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum
This Chilean band is described as combining elements of Dissection, Vinterland, and Dawn with more current bands like Altar of Plagues, Drudkh and Wodensthrone, and that’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a beautifully melodic black metal album with that oh so nice Swedish black/death melody infused with the raw intensity and scope of more modern atmospheric black metal bands. I’d easily put this up there with a Wodensthrone. This one is fucking killer.

Weekend Nachos – Apology
I’m not the biggest fan of Weekend Nachos but I enjoyed their last album and I read that this is their final album so I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s pretty much what I expected it to be: Power violence mixed with sludge and hardcore. The album is sandwiched between two longer songs and probably the best songs on the album that show the most diversity from the band. This album is getting a lot of praise and it’s easy to see why. For me though, it’s just pretty ok.

Winterhorde – Maestro
This band is labeled as a melodic black metal band but I’m not sure that’s an accurate description. I would categorize them as extreme metal. Certainly there’s elements of black metal in the sound but their overall sound reminds me more of Dimmu Borgir in their more theatrical era. Theatrical is the best way to describe this. It’s like the bombastic nature of Primordial meets some of the earlier proggy elements of Opeth with a bit of an Arcturus avant-garde style, with some Dimmu theatrics all wrapped up in Middle Eastern sensibilities. It’s a lot to take in and feels a bit disjointed at times but there are moments of great magnificence.

Marissa Nadler – Strangers
I couldn’t really get into her last album, sans a few songs but I liked those enough to have my interest peaked by samples of her new album. Good for me that I checked it out because it’s a bleak, dismal, heartwrenching, beautiful album. It’s still very “post” and ethereal but she and accompanying band have filled out the sound a bit with more instrumentation and some experimental stylings such as the soft country flair that appears on the album. The fuller sound doesn’t detract from the bleak, sparse feeling of her music but just makes it all the more intriguing. Good stuff here.

Mortillery – Shapeshifter
Straight up, rip roaring, traditional thrash that never relents. Meat and potatoes thrash I like to say. Amazing riffs, excellent speed, catchy songs and a killer vocalist who periodically gets a speed metal soar into her voice. Solid, solid album.

Behexen – The Poisonous Path
If you’re not familiar with Finland’s Behexen then you’re missing out on one of the most consistently killer, blasphemous, black metal bands going. Behexen blasts out furious, hateful and satanic black metal with Hoath Torog’s killer vocals dominating your ears along with Horn’s dynamic blasts. Bow down to Behexen, they fucking slay.

Suicidal Angels – Division of Blood
Suicidal Angels and the epitome of an okay band. They’re by the book thrash with some bite here and there. They don’t make bad albums, they don’t make great albums, they just make ok thrash albums, and in a world where if you’re going to be straight ahead thrash band, you better fucking kill it, Suicidal Angels do not, but they’re good at it and have some fun riffs. They also have some killer cover art for all of their albums. If it was based solely on cover art, they might be the best thrash band ever.

Death Angel – The Evil Divide
Death Angel doing what they do, Bay Area styled thrash with a punk vibe. Solid if you’re in to that tough guy Bay Area thrash style. It’s good for what it is. Killer riffs.

Whispered – Metsutan – Songs of the Void
This is like the Asian version of Wintersun, but from Finland. Take that how ever you’d like. Super over produced melodic metal with some nice riffs.


Edge of Sanity – The Spectral Sorrows
A Pregnant Light – Rocky
Eucharist – A Velvet Creation
Suidakra – Realms of Chaos
Nefandus – The Nightwinds Carried Our Names
Massacre – From Beyond
Obituary – Slowly We Rot
Ofermod – Tiamtu
Ofermod – Mysterion Tes Anomias
Satyricon – Nemesis Divina
Necromantia -Scarlet Witching Black

Until Next Time…