I’m a big fan of that early to mid era of Greek or Hellenic black metal. Though some of the bands have been kicking around since the late 80′s and mid 90′s they’re recently starting to get some of the credit that is due to them for their involvement in the second wave of black metal. One of the aspects of the Greek sound I enjoy so much is their tendencies to get experimental and almost over the top theatrical with the sound. Take Necromantia for instance.

On their first release Crossing the Fiery Path the band went for a more sinister, creepy as hell approach. This album is more of an answer to the symphonic oriented black metal coming out of Scandinavia at the time. The album is more focussed and uses bizarre and unconventional structures along with orchestration, keyboards, and a heavy, nasty, all encompassing bass sound. It’s bizarre, unconventional Greek black metal at it’s finest and perhaps Necromantia’s finest performance.