Sometimes nothing will do but 90′s Swedish black metal. Trust me, it’s an affliction that exists, having to pound your ears with that countries sweet black metal offerings until your brain can resume functioning properly again. In this instance, Nefandus fills the need.

Nefandus released this album in 1996 then disappeared while band members went on to form Ofermod, released a demo and EP, than they vanished as well. Flash forward to about 2008 and the main member of both bands decided to restart both bands at the same time. I haven’t heard the rebooted version of Nefandus but this 96 album is a stellar cut of Swedish black metal. It’s everything you want. Killer riffs, melodic in spots, icy cold atmosphere and production, blasting, unrelenting fury. If there’s one thing I’ve made clear in this blog is how well the Swedes make metal. Here’s yet another example worth your time.