Sweet Satan this was a metal filled week. There was a crap ton of new metal this week, mostly new discoveries for me, but there were a couple of albums I was looking forward to. Mostly Katatonia and Withered. Neither disappointed. But enough of my borax, let’s get to it.

NEW STUFF: (Links in titles) 

Oak Pantheon – In Pieces
I’ve been a moderate fan of Oak Pantheon since their first LP. Their atmospheric, progressive, nature focussed black metal is rather serene and sweeping and not much has changed on this new album. It’s an engaging listen with some spectacularly beautiful moments.

Withered – Grief Relic
Withered’s crushing black infused death metal is devastating as usual. In an out in 40 minutes leaving your brain in shambles. Good stuff here.

Katatonia – The Fall of Hearts
Katatonia sounding as solid as ever. They usually bring it. A little heavier than their last one and I may like it even more. Didn’t disappoint.

Reptilian – Perennial Void Traverse
A Norwegian band that revels in the primitive days of death metal. Not to say they’re another throwback band, more so they’re inspired by that sound. This is low-fi, aggressive, almost off the rails death metal with little to no frills. Fucking killer.

Fausttophel – …Sancta Simplicitas…
Ukrainian, melodic, operatic, black metal with some death metal influence. I guess the album is based around the works of an 1800’s Ukranian dramatist, and that would make sense as the music is highly dramatic, but pulls back just enough to not go over the edge into cheesy or straight up bizarre. Some great, heavy, crushing melodies on this album balanced with some more operatic and theatrical parts. Oh, and they cover Edge of Sanity’s “Black Tears” masterfully.

Suidakra – Realms of Odoric
I unapologetically will listen to any new Suidakra album that comes out and I don’t really understand why. This band is the epitome of over indulgent cheese, changing up their sound over the years from death/black/folk/symphonic power and more. Recent outings found them just mashing it all together is a blender fuck of every ridiculous extreme metal cliche out there but damned if these songs aren’t catchy as fuck.

Tiger Army – V•••-
Wow. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve thought about or even considered Tiger Army. They were the gold standard when it came to Psychobilly and I was hit hard by that bug, oh say, 12 years ago, which is about when their last album came out. 9 years, which is a long time for a Psychobilly band, especially since the nose dive that genre took about that time.

All that aside, there’s little Psychobilly to be found on this album, going more for just straight up Rockabilly with an 80’s synth-pop style, much like their previous album (but less Cure goth-y) but with a Temptations “Earth Angel” vibe. There’s a lot of older styles going on with this album aaaaaaaannd… it’s okay. I probably would have been all about this album 9 years ago but as it stands, it’s just okay.

A Pregnant Light – Rocky
I’m always curious about what A Pregnant Light and his “purple metal” have to offer and true to form he’s quietly released a stirring tribute album to his recently departed father, Rocky. This one is more straightforward black/post metal with less experimenting and pop influence than his other works. It’s a raw, emotional, seven tracks that could essentially be just one long track, and it’s awesome, like all his stuff.


Fyrnask – Forn
Gorguts – Pleiades Dust
Gratzug – Erhabenheit
Satan’s Host – Power, Purity, Perfection
Satan’s Host – Celebration: For the Love of Satan
Satan’s Host – By the Hands of the Devil
Cellador – Honor Forth
Edge of Sanity – Infernal
Coroner – R.I.P.
Dark Quarterer – Dark Quarterer
Death – Scream Bloody Gore
Entombed – Clandestine
Pretty Maids – Future Wold
Amorphis – The Karelian Isthmus
Edge of Sanity – The Spectral Sorrows

Until Next Time…