Do you like kick ass, super 80′s, melodic Danish heavy metal? Of course you fucking do. Good thing Pretty Maids is here to get those fists pumping.

Another solid recommendation from my buddy, Pretty Maids are like a snapshot of 80′s metal. There’s no sub sub sub genre here, just straight forward, classic, riff and solo oriented heavy metal, full of songs about rocking. It’s fairly synth heavy but they fit in with the extreme cheesiness and boost the awesome, growly, Dio like vocals.

The band slows it down here and there to and makes some more 80′s pop metal focussed songs. Songs that would be a perfect fit for and 80′s movie montage, but then it’s right back into the rocking the fuck out.

This band has about a million releases and from what I gather are still going strong. This is my first encounter with the band and it was an excellent. Get cheesed up and fucking rock it.