Coroner? Not exactly an obscure metal band, I know, but I’ve never fully listened to an entire album of theirs. They’re just one of those bands that I recognize are awesome and have always meant to get into, but just never did. Well, I aim to fix that, and hell, maybe somebody out there hasn’t heard them and will dig it and it will be their launch pad into metal. A boy can dream, right? After all that is the point of these blog posts. To spread the metal around.

Anyways, R.I.P. is Coroner’s first album. Hailing from Switzerland with their technical take on thrash, Coroner puts the petal to the metal and fucking rips through this album with sheer force. This album fu…ck…ing rules. All the bite and nastiness of 80′s European thrash with amazingly catchy and technical riffing, some speed metal for flavor, and just insane performances. Sigh… why do I rest on some of these bands? They’re always so fucking killer.

Is this a classic? Probably. You should hear it and decide for yourself.