Along with my love of all metal things Swedish and one album bands, (which I’ve rambled on and on about) I’m developing an obsession with early 80′s power metal. Particularly early 80′s American power metal. It was before the genre became so set in stone and bands were just all over the place musically, drawing from classic and NWOBHM, speeding things up, getting wild with the melody or going for a more cut throat approach (Omen). Lizzy Borden falls somewhere more on the classic side with a bit of that Manowar bravado, particularly in the their album art choices.

Lizzy Borden may be a classic or a joke depending on your tastes but this first album is just fucking metal. There’s just no way else to describe it. Killer hooks, songs about being metal, the cock sure attitude. It’s 80′s all over, cheese and all.

I suspect this bands reputation as being jokey or cheese ball comes from their poor artwork choices but, at least the this album, if you get past that, there’s some killer metal waiting to be found.