Tonight I’m going to see Visigoth and Night Demon tear it up in Denver. They’re bringing their fist-pumping, anthemic, traditional epic metal to our fair city and with them, two local bands are opening: Satan’s Host and Cellador. Satan’s Host is rad but I’m not familiar with Cellador so I figured today would be a good time to get to know them.

I bet it was a weird time for power metal bands in the mid 2000′s. DragonForce was taking the genre by storm and either people were getting swept up in their frenzy or getting completely turned off by their studio produced power metal. How would you describe a band at that time? They’re like DragonForce, the common recognizable lynchpin of the times power metal. I like DragonForce but I bet a lot of bands around that time were unfairly judged based on their success. Cellador might be one such band.

Cellador is a power metal riff monster. Just speedy riff after speedy riff. Killer vocals that aren’t super over the top or reserved. Just right for the style of power metal the band plays, which is anthemic, european epic fused with straight forward american style. Minimal keyboards, no atmospherics, just power metal. This band hits all the notes that I love about power metal. Nothing classic but oh so fucking satisfying.