There are so many hidden metal treasures from the 80′s. It was a prolific time for the genre, with so many styles developing and so many bands creating new sounds and ways of exploring metal. It led to a ton of bands straddling numerous styles, mostly because those styles weren’t really defined or labeled at that point.

That brings us to Agent Steel. For all the previous reasons, and others, I love the early/mid 80′s era of American power metal. Well, power metal may not be the best descriptor for Agent Steel as I’ve said, the band is comfortably killing it in many genres. Speed metal (which I think gave way to power metal and thrash), thrash, and power are all on display here, maybe even a little NWOBHM and early hardcore punk attitude with a splash of early Candlemass for good measure. It’s this sort of insane metal mashup that makes this time period so explosive and so exciting. It sounds like a lot to digest for a band but Agent Steel pull it off spectacularly and make it all come out on an album that is just fucking killer.

So take a trip back to the formative year of some of these genres and bask in the glory that is Agent Steel.