In the late oughts, “re-thrash” was a thing, that is to say, new bands were forming to play thrash in the style of the 80′s and older and classic bands were experiencing a second wind. Some where great, some were not, and some were almost a parody of themselves but they didn’t get the joke. While a lot of these bands were trying their damnedest to be relevant with an older style, I don’t really think any of them captured that original, nasty, 80′s edge they were so hoping to emulate.

A band like Blood Feast, I think, is awesome because of the time they existed in. This is late 80′s thrash and thrash it does. The raw, fuzzed out production, straight away thrash pummeling, borderline early death metal, It’s definitely a product of the time, and better for it. Yes, the music is rapid fire thrash, and it’s good fun and well written. It’s authentic 80′s thrash.