You may have noticed there was no weekly metal updated last week. That’s because not much really happened last week. I think there was only one new album I was interested. This week, however, is an entirely different story. I can sum it up in two words: Vektor, Gorguts. I’ll be honest here, the new Gorguts is crushing but Vektor wins the week by far, maybe even the year. That might be too soon to definetively claim but my word, I’ve listened to this new album at least 10 times this week. But there were some other killer new albums as well. Let’s get to it, shall we?

NEW STUFF: (Links in titles) 

An Age Lost – The Path of Solitude EP
Some super melodic, progressive, technical death metal from Colorado. Good songs and riffs with a great, catchy vibe. Dig this EP.

Discharge – End of Days
I haven’t listened to another Discharge album aside from their classic first album so I don’t have much to go on here. This, for the most part, is some solid, harder, punk rock. Not nearly as amazing as Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing but good enough for this kind of punk.

Germ – Escape
I’m a big fan of this bands first EP and LP. For my money, those releases were a perfect balance of depressive black metal and post black metal, with such energy and efficiency most bands in the genre should be jealous of. Then their second LP came out and they seemed to have lost all the charm, focussing entirely too much on the post and trying too hard on that ethereal soundscape. This new one seems to mix both approaches and is better than the last, but I’d be lying if I said it was as captivating as those first two releases.

Grave Miasma – Endless Pilgrimage EP
A little more straight forward than their weird, psychedelic death metal on their last album and I was kinda hoping they’d continue in that vein. This is good for what it is and retains a lot of the dissonance and darker vibe.

Winterlore – Winterlore
More amazing, traditionally epic and beautiful black metal from Utah, featuring members of Ered Wethrin, amongst others. Again, Utah is killing it on this black metal front and Winterlore is a prime example.

Miserable – Uncontrollable
I’ve been a fan of vocalist Kristina Esfandiari’s throaty crooning since I stumbled on to the King Woman EP from last year. Her other project, Miserable, is more of a shoegaze, droning, example of, well, misery. I’ve read comparisons to PJ Harvey and I’m not saying there aren’t some similar elements but I find Kristina to be more palatable for my tastes, then again this isn’t something I typically enjoy but with her, I find it captivating.

White Lung – Paradise
I came up on punk rock but aside from some of my standard favorites I don’t really delve much into new punk, unless it really catches my ear. White Lung catches my ear. Their electronic infused, hyper punk is fucking awesome and the band is killer. Short, too the point songs with a tremendous vocalist and some new wave, keyboard elements sets this band apart for sure. This second album finds the band expanding the sound a bit and trying some new stuff but doesn’t compromise any of the attitude or force. Fucking killer.

Abhomine – Larvae Offal Swine
Pete Helmkamp of Angelcorpse, ex-Revenge (amongst others) drops his one man blackened death metal crusher of an album. 27 minutes of rip roaring, bludgeoning, go for the throat metal. Fucking killer.

Vektor – Terminal Redux
This is probably near the top of my most anticipated releases for the year and god damn it did not disappoint. As if Vektor couldn’t get any better, they managed to up their game and prove that they are the most unique thrash band going now. Plus, those fucking riffs. Hail Satan, it’s  a thing of beauty.

Gorguts – Pleiades Dust
I don’t really know what to tell you about this. It’s Gorguts and it’s fucking killer. If you haven’t heard Gorguts, I feel bad for you.

Sylvaine – Wistful
“Black Gaze” is a term this band is getting saddled with but I don’t think it’s a fitting one, despite Alcest’s and Amesoeurs’ Neige’s involvement. Of the two, it’s closer to Alcest’s most recent sound: light, airy, atmospheric, and full of despair. To my ears, I find more in common with Anathema, but lighter on the instrumentation. This isn’t something that I’ll jam often but it’s good for what it is.

Coffin Dust – Everything is Dead
Some serviceable, fun, horror themed, death/thrash crossover. That’s about all there is too it. Ex drummer from Exhumed is in the band if that does anything for you.


OTHER JAMS: (Two weeks worth)

Prince – 1999
Prince – Purple Rain
Throne of Ahaz – At the Mountains of Northern Storms
Throne of Ahaz – Nifelheim
Throne of Ahaz – On Twilight Enthroned
Darkthrone – Panzerfaust
Darkthrone – Total Hate
Labyrinth – Return to Heaven Denied
Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom
Fin – The Furrows of Tradition
Iron Maiden – Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Tyrantz Empire – Merauderz of the Monolith: The Omega Chapter
Desaster – The Oath of An Iron Ritual
Realm – Endless War
Spheron – A Clockwork Universe
While Heaven Wept – Suspended at Aphelion
While Heaven Wept – Of Empires Forlorn
Winterlore – Winterlore
Znowhite – Act of God
Belenos – Errances Oniriques
Horn – Distanz
Agatus – The Weaving Fates
White Lung – It’s the Evil
White Lung – Sorry
Hoth – Oathbreaker
Drapsnatt – Hymner Till Undergangen
Voivod – War and Pain

Until Next Time…