Voivod is a band that should probably be on the hearts and minds of all metal fans. I’ve recently been thinking about them a lot as I’ve been utterly obsessed with the new Vektor album, which takes queues from Voivod, particularly Voivod’s more progressive period. So I wanted to go back and listen to some Voivod and why not start with their first album, an album I’ve not really jammed all that much.

This is when Voivod was at their nastiest and thrash-iest. Drawing equally from NWOBHM and hardcore punk, War and Pain is a (loose) concept album about an alien warlord Voivod and his attempts to conquer the multiverse. If you haven’t figured it out by now, sci-fi themes follow Voivod throughout their career. They follow suit with a couple more thrash album before moving into a more progressive area of metal and on this first, rawer album you can already hear the masterful playing of guitar legend Piggy (RIP).

Voivod’s career is long and complex and admittedly one I haven’t delved into completely but this is a killer fucking debut, and yes, a fucking classic.