Guess what? It’s Swedish time again! That’s right, the land of never ending metal treasure rears it’s plentiful head again in the form of Drapsnatt, a black metal duo.

Drapsnatt eschews the more typical, hyper melodic, grim Swedish black metal style and instead focuses on more of a mid-paced, highly atmospheric approach. It’s a very serene or tranquil style of black metal. It never really gets rapid or intense in ferocity, the intensity comes from the beautiful structures of the atmosphere, the incredible acoustic guitars, and the captivating folk interludes. There’s a good amount of doom/goth elements that fit well into the mix. I know this band is nature oriented with a winter focus but to me the album sounds very warm and inviting. It’s rather vivid in that aspect. Maybe it’s music being played inside a cabin, around a fire, while looking out on to a winter landscape. The cover art may confirm may theory as a log cabin, and some creepy dude with goat horns, are the featured art.

Whatever it may be, this is a pretty excellent atmospheric black metal album. It hits all the right spots and has some shining moments of brilliance.