Let’s get back to some black metal on this here blog. To do so let’s also take a trip to Greece, home of Agatus, a band made up of members of Zemial and Kawir (amongst others).

Agatus aren’t satisfied with playing straight forward black metal alone. One of the things about the Greek black metal bands I’ve always loved is their willingness to combine numerous styles and influences and get crazy with black metal. Agatus don’t get “crazy” all the way, but they do mix it up a bit with some classic Greek metal stylings from bands like Varathron (who the vocalist used to be in) and early Rotting Christ, but they also throw in some traditional metal, NWOBHM riffing and even some killer power metal vocals, that seem to just come out of nowhere on the song “Conqueror of Fear.”

This probably isn’t a classic album but it sure is a hell of a good listen.