While checking out reviews for my last post about Realm, I discovered this band Znowhite. Yes, the name is terrible, and the artwork for this album is even worse, but bear with me here, it gets better I promise. Just based on a quick youtube clip I tracked this album down for further investigation.

My immediate reaction was “damn, this sounds just like Cyclone Temple but with a different vocalist.” Low and behold, it is Cyclone Temple, essentially. Znowhite was the band that proceeded Cyclone Temple. When Znowhite vocalist Debbie Gun left to go back to her original band, the rest of the band just started Cyclone Temple.

If you read my review of Cyclone Temple’s I Hate Therefore I Am you’ll know that album blew me away and may have taken it’s place amongst my favorite thrash albums. Take the creative, blasting, riffs of that album and put Debbie on vocals and you have Znowhite. I think Cyclone Temple may have refined their playing a bit more and crafted some better songs, but Act of God is a killer thrash album nonetheless. Debbie Gun kills the vocals, and while some of the songs are a bit sillier than Cyclone (cough “Thunderdome” cough) it’s essentially all the skill of that band, which means if you like good thrash, you’ll like Znowhite.