I couldn’t really find much information on this band other than this is their debut LP, the band hails from Amsterdam, and they play some fucking killer black thrash. I did however find this quote from the band: “Our objective is to combine the classic warrior–like sound of black metal (era 1992) riffing with merciless thrash assaults based around 21st century technology. Our lyrics and themes are bound by our surrender to dark energies of anti-cosmic, LSD driven rituals combined with patterns of chaos. This black/thrash conjuration will burn your skin, rape your soul and should take you deep into the sinister evolved regions of the human psyche.”

I couldn’t have put it better. I think there’s an equal balance of thrash and black metal, but it’s all drive and fury, more focussed on intensity than showy riffs or intricate composition. It’s just a fucking beast of an album.