There’s not much new stuff on my radar for this week so I figured I would take some time to delve in to a bunch of stuff I’ve been given that’s been sitting in my “to hear” pile. That would bring us to Throne of Ahaz and their only three releases.

This Swedish (excellent) band existed briefly in the early to mid nineties and was made up of members that would go on to be in or were in other killer Swedish bands like Ancient Wisdom, Naglfar, Bewitched, Gates of Ishtar, The Everdawn, and The Moaning. All highly melodic, black and death metal bands.

Their demo isn’t in the melodic nature of Swedish black metal. It’s more of a raw offering but man, those solos. A little moody and darker with a killer mid to slow paced song “At the Mountains of Northern Storms.”

The debut album Nifelheim finds the band upping the production quality and adding a bit more atmospheric elements but the black metal is cold and pummeling. It’s like a slower paced A Blaze in the Northern Sky. The band has a straight forward, old school approach on par with the other black metal bands making classic albums at the time. Nifelheim was recorded in 1993 but didn’t see release until 1995. Had it been released in 93 might this band have been more highly regarded? Who’s to say but this album fits in with the rest, for what it’s worth. Fucking killer.

Their third and final release sees more quality in production and also the addition of guitarist Niklas Svensson who would go on to play in Naglfar so the guitar clearly sounds different, with more melodic riffs added to the sound, something he would refine more in Naglfar. This album is faster paced and more frenzied then the previous and sounds fucking killer. The added melody puts in more in line with Dissection or (again) Naglfar and separates it from the cold, plodding of the debut. Still killer, but in a different way.

So there you have it. The entire career of Thrones of Ahaz, an off the beaten path, Swedish metal band that is definitely worth your time.