If you followed my “Exploring Doom” posts from almost 2 years ago (and I know you did) you know I only fairly recently started to really dig in to the doom world, so in 2013, while I may have skimmed the surface, I definitely wasn’t entrenched enough to find Funeral Circle.

Hailing from Canada, Funeral Circle aren’t really breaking new ground, but are combining various genres of (traditionally) awesome doom to carve out their own place amongst the crowd. Those genres are mostly epic doom and traditional doom. While not as epic as say, Atlantean Kodex or While Heaven Wept, who excel at combining influences and styles, Funeral Circle find a middle ground and take cues from the ambition of that style as opposed to the grandiose aspects. There’s some straight up traditional doom on here as well, and they do it justice. They are, however, masterful at building atmosphere and presence, something that is almost essential for a good doom band to do.

Overall, if you’re a fan of the kind of doom mentioned above, this hits all the sports. It’s not changing the game by any means but it’s a solid and worthy entry into the doom realm.