Drowning the Light keeps popping up in my day to day metal perusals in one form or another. Mostly I’ve been seeing a ton of Youtube videos of people sharing their Drowning the Light collections or extolling the virtues of their discography. Yes, I watch Youtube metal collection videos. Back to the point…

I’m only familiar with Drowning the Light because of Azgorh’s involvement with Eternum, who are fucking incredible. I went from there and discovered Drowning the Light and gave their most recent album a listen. I enjoyed it but not as much as Eternum.

If you don’t know, Drowning the Light has been kicking around since 2003 and has about one million releases under their belt. I exaggerate for affect but they do have a massive discography which is quiet intimidating to climb. An Alignment of Dead Stars is the album that gathers the most praise so I figured I would see what all the hype is about and delve into this.

And, it’s pretty solid. It’s rawer, atmospheric black metal with some epic soundscapes and even a little bit of punk guitars thrown in to the mix here and there. It’s kind of what I was expecting based on the other album I have.

I don’t foresee myself trying to track down their entire catalog but I enjoyed this album, and the newest one I have. I still think Eternum is the better project and I’ll be waiting with bated breath for another release from that, though from what I hear, that may be a while.